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Week of April 2, 2018

54 years of the Holy See Mission at the United Nations

On April 6, 1964, the Holy See became a Permanent Observer Mission to the United Nations and established its Mission in New York City.

In its 54 years of existence of the Holy See Mission in New York, there have been five Papal visits to the United Nations.


Pope Francis visited the UN on September 25, 2015 and said, "War is the negation of all rights and a dramatic assault on the environment. If we want true integral human development for all, we must work tirelessly to avoid war between nations and peoples."


"As you know very well, peace is not built merely by means of politics and a balance of power and interests. It is built with the mind, with ideas, with the works of peace."
-Blessed Paul VI to the UN General Assembly on October 4, 1965


"In order to ensure that the new millennium now approaching will witness a new flourishing of the human spirit, mediated through an authentic culture of freedom, men and women must learn to conquer fear."
- Saint John Paul II  during his second visit to the UN on October 5, 1995, his first being October 2, 1979


"What is needed is a deeper search for ways of pre-empting and managing conflicts by exploring every possible diplomatic avenue, and giving attention and encouragement to even the faintest sign of dialogue or desire for reconciliation."
- Pope Benedict XVI to the UN General Assembly on April 18, 2008

To read the words of Pope Francis at the UN and to watch him speak at the UN, click here.

To read the words of past Popes at the UN, click here.



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