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March 12, 2021

IDPs, "An often-unseen tragedy that the
global crisis caused by the
COVID-19 pandemic
has only exacerbated"


On March 11, Archbishop Gabriele Caccia spoke at a consultation of the High-Level Panel on Internal Displacement on the peace and security dimensions of internal displacement. The consultation was held virtually. 

Archbishop Caccia made three suggestions to increase peace and security for internally displaced persons (IDPs). He suggested States develop a clearer system of responsibility for IDPs, noting that, by definition, IDPs are displaced within their own countries and as such are entitled to the same rights as other citizens.

Second, he called for increased cooperation across existing prevention systems guided by the principle that all people have the right to life, liberty and security in their country of origin.

Finally, he commended the frontline work carried out by religious organizations and faith-based organizations to aid IDPs and encouraged States to increase engagement and partnerships with these groups. 

Archbishop Caccia's full remarks can be found on our website here


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