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March 26, 2021

"The inclusion and promotion of
women’s participation in public life means accepting and honoring every woman
in all aspects of her personhood"

On March 24, Dr. Francesca Di Giovanni, Under-Secretary for the Multilateral Sector of the Section on Relations with States of the Holy See, gave the statement of the Holy See before the Sixty-Fifth Session of the Commission on the Status of Women. The remarks were delivered virtually.

Dr. Di Giovanni spoke on three key areas: violence against women and girls; women's participation in public life; and women's education. Di Giovanni condemned violence against women and girls and noted the role pornography plays in abetting the trafficking and objectification of women. She called for society to combat the "motherhood penalty" that often disadvantages mothers in their education and careers. Finally, she described education as indispensable to girls' integral development, highlighting how access to a quality education can break cycles of poverty and exclusion. 

To watch her statement, please click here. It can be read in full here.


Pass the Popcorn!

PASS THE POPCORN: On March 23, staff and interns gathered for an advanced showing of Francesco, a new documentary about Pope Francis. Highlighting the Pope's prioritization of issues such as care for migrants and refugees, the climate, and those suffering the scourges of war, the documentary is full of images about the Pope’s trips to the peripheries. Archbishop Bernardito Auza, former Permanent Observer of the Mission, even made a brief appearance.  


Team Building in Brooklyn

TEAM BUILDING — Last weekend, interns responsible for following peace and security matters at the UN joined Msgr. David Charters in Brooklyn for a sunny day of team building. From left to right we have JuanPe Dubie, Msgr. David Charters, Jean Maloney, and Andres Polanco Achury.