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Sixth Committee Intervention on the Principle of Universal Jurisdiction

On October 12, the Permanent Observer Mission of the Holy See to the United Nations, gave an intervention during the Sixth Committee debate on Agenda Item 85, dedicated to “The Scope and Application of the Principle of Universal Jurisdiction.”

In its statement, the Holy See said that the solidarity and the responsibility to protect requires, in the face of impunity, resolute action to create universally agreed jurisdictional norms to prosecute and deter the worst violations of human rights. These norms must protect States’ sovereignty, hold civil and military authorities accountable for atrocity crimes, be consistent with the principle of solidarity and the fundamental principles of criminal justice and customary international law. Mechanisms to prevent abuses of universal jurisdiction must be created to avoid future conflicts. The Holy See encouraged further work on the theme and specifically highlighted the need to extend its application to the way that threats or atrocity crimes can forcibly displace whole peoples. When such forced displacements occur, there is a great and urgent responsibility to welcome, protect, promote, and integrate the victims.

The statement can be found here.