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Trafficking in Persons in Conflict Situations

On November 21, the Permanent Observer Mission of the Holy See to the United Nations gave an intervention during Security Council Open Debate on "Maintenance of International Peace and Security: Trafficking in Persons in Conflict Situations."

In its statement, the Holy See called for the international community to work towards the eradication of slavery by confronting all of its economic, environmental, political and ethical root causes, emphasizing the importance of preventing and ending the wars and conflicts that create conditions for traffickers to exploit victims. As long as wars and conflicts rage, trafficking in persons for sexual exploitation, forced labor and similar crimes will continue to flourish. The Holy See said that migrants and refugees are particularly vulnerable targets of traffickers. It called on States and religious organizations to work in collaboration to eradicate human trafficking and modern slavery in all its forms, and expressed appreciation for the leaders and followers of various religions who care for those who are forced to live in slave-like conditions.

The statement can be found here.