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Advancement of women

On October 8, Archbishop Bernardito Auza, Permanent Observer of the Holy See to the UN, gave an intervention during the Third Committee deliberations of the Seventy-third Session of the General Assembly on Agenda 29 dedicated to the “Advancement of women.”
In his statement, Archbishop Auza spoke about the global reality of violence against women and girls, particularly through the scourge of human trafficking and modern forms of slavery, which Pope Francis has called a crime against humanity. He praised the work of women-led anti-slavery movements, particularly the work of women religious. He spoke to stamping out the demand for the commodification of women’s bodies and the duty in justice to arrest and prosecute traffickers. He also addressed violence and intimidation against women in politics and the prevalence of physical, verbal and cyber violence against women and girls, saying we must work for a culture that repudiates every form of violence. He mentioned that women and girls often suffer from a “throwaway culture” that doesn’t consider them, especially at the beginning or end of life, useful, and said that we must find ways to acknowledge and support the unsung contributions of women who sustain and transform families and communities.

The statement can be found here.