July 19, 2019
Statement after adoption of draft resolution A/73/L.99

Statement after adoption of draft resolution A/73/L.99 entitled

Format and organizational aspects of the international migration review forums

New York, July 19, 2019


Madam President,

My Delegation would like to thank the Co-facilitators, the Permanent Representatives of Bangladesh and of Spain, for their leadership and efforts during the negotiations of the draft resolution entitled, “Format and organizational aspects of the international migration review forums” (IMRF). Informal consultations were led with exemplary transparency and a commitment to listen to everyone in order to achieve consensus. My Delegation, therefore, congratulates the Co-facilitators and all Member States who engaged constructively in this process.

Madam President,

Since the very beginning, the Holy See was very supportive of the whole process leading to the intergovernmental consultations and negotiations on issues related to the Global Compact for Safe, Orderly and Regular Migration. Although it is a fruit of compromise, and hence not perfect, the Global Compact is an historic advance in our shared responsibility to act in solidarity in favor of people on the move, especially those who find themselves in very precarious situations. The Global Compact, however, will be successful if it becomes the heart and soul of a shared journey of solidarity, mercy, prudence, responsibility and respect that is good for individual communities and countries as well as good for people on the move.

The IMRF is an important element of this shared journey. My Delegation is particularly pleased that it does not limit its activities to the evaluation of the implementation of the 23 objectives of the Global Compact, but aims also to identify the key challenges, opportunities and emerging issues, as well as the scope for further international cooperation on international migration, possibly involving also those countries who have not adopted the Global Compact. In fact, this shared journey can happen only if all of us concretely commit to doing and giving our share.

Thank you, Madam President.