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Diplomatic Relations of the Holy See


The Holy See has diplomatic relations with the following States:

*Dates with an asterisk indicate the resumption of diplomatic relations.

Albania7 September 1991
Algeria6 March 1972
Andorra16 June 1995
Angola8 July 1997
Antigua and Barbuda15 December 1986
Armenia23 May 1992
Australia24 March 1973
Austria9 August 1946*
Azerbaijan23 May 1992
Bahrain12 January 2000
Bangladesh25 September 1972
Barbados19 April 1979
Belarus11 November 1992
Belize9 March 1983
Benin29 June 1971
Bosnia and Herzegovina18 August 1992
Botswana4 November 2008
Bulgaria6 December 1990
Burkina Faso14 June 1973
Burundi11 February 1963
Cambodia25 March 1994
Cameroon27 August 1966
Canada16 October 1969
Cape Verde12 May 1976
Central African Republic13 May 1967
Chad28 November 1988
China23 October 1942
Colombia26 November 1835
Congo, Democratic Republic of the31 January 1977
Congo, Republic of the16 February 1963
Cook Islands29 April 1999
Costa Rica1908
Croatia8 February 1992
Cuba2 September 1935
Cyprus31 January 1973
Czech Republic19 April 1990*
Denmark2 August 1982
Djibouti20 May 2000
Dominica1 September 1981
Dominican Republic1881
East Timor20 May 2002
Egypt23 August 1947
El Salvador1922
Equatorial Guinea24 December 1981
Eritrea15 July 1995
Estonia3 October 1991*
Ethiopia20 March 1957
Fiji12 September 1978
FranceXVIth Century
Gabon31 October 1967
Georgia23 May 1992
Ghana20 November 1975
Great Britain16 January 1982
Greece17 July 1979
Grenada17 February 1979
Guatemala16 March 1936
Guinea21 June 1986
Guinea Bissau12 July 1986
Guyana9 June 1997
Hungary9 February 1990*
IcelandOctober 1976
India12 June 1948
Indonesia13 March 1950
Iran2 May 1953
Iraq26 August 1966
Ireland27 November 1929
Israel15 June 1994
Italy24 June 1929
Ivory Coast26 October 1970
Jamaica20 July 1979
JapanMarch 1942
Jordan3 March 1994
Kazakhstan17 October 1992
Kenya19 June 1965
Kiribati10 April 1995
Korea, Republic of11 December 1963
Kuwait21 October 1968
Kyrgyzstan27 August 1992
Latvia1 October 1991*
LebanonNovember 1946
Lesotho11 March 1967
Liberia15 December 1927
Libya10 March 1997
Liechtenstein28 August 1985
Lithuania30 September 1991*
Macedonia, (Former Yugoslav Republic of)21 December 1994
Madagascar24 December 1966
Malawi5 February 1966
Malaysia27 July 2011
Mali29 October 1979
Malta15 December 1965
Mauritius9 March 1970
Mexico21 September 1992
Micronesia26 January 1994
Moldova23 May 1992
Mongolia4 April 1992
Montenegro16 December 2006
Morocco15 January 1976
Mozambique14 December 1995
Myanmar4 May 2017
Namibia12 September 1995
Nauru1 June 1992
Nepal10 September 1983
New Zealand20 June 1973
Niger20 July 1971
Nigeria20 November 1975
Norway2 August 1982
Pakistan6 October 1951
Palau17 December 1998
Papua New Guinea7 March 1977
Poland17 July 1989*
PortugalXVIth Century
Qatar18 November 2002
Romania15 May 1990*
Rwanda6 June 1964
Saint Kitts and Nevis19 July 1999
Saint Lucia1 September 1984
Saint Vincent and the Grenadines16 April 1990
Samoa10 June 1994
San MarinoApril 1926
São Tomé and Príncipe21 December 1984
Senegal17 November 1961
Serbia14 August 1970*
Seychelles27 July 1984
Sierra Leone30 July 1996
Singapore24 June 1981
Slovakia1 January 1993*
Slovenia8 February 1992
Solomon Islands9 May 1984
South Africa5 March 1994
South Sudan22 February 2013
SpainXVth Century
Sri Lanka6 September 1975
Suriname16 February 1994
Swaziland11 March 1992
Sweden2 August 1982
SwitzerlandXVIth Century
Syria21 February 1953
Tajikistan15 June 1996
Tanzania19 April 1968
Thailand28 April 1968
The Bahamas27 July 1979
The Gambia7 June 1978
The Marshall Islands30 December 1993
The Netherlands1829
The Philippines8 April 1951
The Russian Federation9 December 2009
The Sudan29 April 1972
The United Arab Emirates31 May 2007
The United States of America10 January 1984
Togo21 April 1981
Tonga24 August 1994
Trinidad and Tobago23 July 1978
Tunisia22 March 1972
Turkey25 January 1960
Turkmenistan10 July 1996
Uganda1 September 1966
Ukraine8 February 1992
Uzbekistan17 October 1992
Vanuatu20 July 1994
Yemen13 October 1998
Zambia15 May 1965
Zimbabwe26 June 1980

The Holy See has Diplomatic Relations also with:

  • The European Union — 10 November 1970
  • The Sovereign Military Order of Malta — February 1930

The Holy See has relations of a special nature with:

  • Palestine — 25 October 1994

Intergovernmental Organizations and Bodies and International Programmes

The Holy See participates in various Intergovernmental Organizations and Bodies and International Programmes, including:

UNUnited Nations Organization, New YorkObserver
UNOGUnited Nations Office in Geneva, GenevaObserver
UNOVUnited Nations Office in Vienna, ViennaObserver
UNHCRUnited Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, GenevaMember of the Executive Committee
UNCTADUnited Nations Conference on Trade and Development, GenevaMember
WIPOWorld Intellectual Property Organization, GenevaMember
IAEAInternational Atomic Energy Agency, ViennaMember
OPCWOrganization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons, The HagueMember
CTBTOPreparatory Commission for the Comprehensive Nuclear-Test Ban Treaty Organization, ViennaMember
ICMMInternational Committee of Military Medicine, BrusselsMember
FAOUnited Nations Food and Agriculture Organization, RomeObserver
ILOInternational Labour Organization, GenevaObserver
WHOWorld Health Organization, GenevaObserver
UNESCOUnited Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization, ParisObserver
UNIDOUnited Nations Industrial Development Organization, ViennaObserver
IFADInternational Fund for Agricultural Development, RomeObserver
UNWTOWorld Tourist Organization, MadridObserver
WMOWorld Meteorological Organization, GenevaObserver
WTOWorld Trade Organization, GenevaObserver
UNDPUnited Nations Development Program, New YorkObserver
UN-HABITATUnited Nations Centre for Human Settlements, NairobiObserver
UNEPUnited Nations Environment Programme, NairobiObserver
WFPWorld Food Programme, RomeObserver
INTOSAIInternational Organization of Supreme Audit Institutions, ViennaMember
CIECInternational Commission on Civil Status, StrasbourgObserver
ULLatin Union, ParisPermanent Guest
OSCEOrganization for Security and Co-operation in Europe, ViennaMember
CECouncil of Europe, StrasbourgObserver
AUAfrican Union, Addis AbabaNon-Member Accredited state
OASOrganization of American States, WashingtonObserver
LASLeague of Arab States, CairoMember of a bilateral agreement of cooperation
AALCOAsian-African Legal Consultative Organization, New DelhiGuest
UNIDROITInternational Institute for the Unification of Private Law, RomeMember

International and Intergovernmental Organizations

The Vatican City State participates in various International and Intergovernmental Organizations, including:

UPUUniversal Postal Union, BernMember
ITUInternational Telecommunication Union, GenevaMember
IGCInternational Grains Council, LondonMember
ITSOInternational Telecommunications Satellite Organization, Washington D.C.Member
EUTELSAT IGOEuropean Telecommunication Satellite Organization, ParisMember
CEPTEEuropean Conference of Postal and Telecommunications, CopenhagenMember
IISAInternational Institute of Administrative Sciences, BrusselsMember